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"I'm a lifestyle entrepreneur committed to helping other people get the most out of their lives. I founded ZEROtoLAMBO as a platform to encourage people to start taking action to achieve their financial and health dreams. The goal is to provide motivation, education and a community that enables anyone to become the best they can be and live life with freedom and flexibility on their own terms. 

I have run many businesses over the past 8+ years. I have had many successes and some failures along the way (failure is research!). I have had been lucky enough to experience 6 figure months, 5 figure pay days, 'all expenses paid' holidays and speaking on stage at huge business conferences.

A few years ago I nearly died in a terrible car accident and since then my mission has been to motivate and inspire millions of people globally to leverage my experience to make the most of their lives before it's too late.

I have systems in place that can literally change your life forever and that's what I am aiming to do with the ZEROtoLAMBO Project. I am literally taking you with me and working from ZERO to prove that this can be done by anyone no matter what your previous experience is.

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My book is a success catalyst written to help you escape the 'Life Trap' and achieve big results in every area of your life by taking action now. I will be selling the physical copy of the book soon, but I have decided to give the 'e-copy' away for free to help as many people as possible because this is something I am beyond passionate about.

The concept for my book started when the Lamborghini I was a passenger in hit a tree at 140MPH and I was knocked unconscious having broken and dislocated my neck. I woke up from a 6 hour operation in a world of pain and from that moment everything in my life changed.

During my 2 year recovery I was told by my neurosurgeon that I was a miracle case and had been given the gift of a second chance to live my life. This made me discover that my passion is helping others achieve success in their lives and this is exactly what I am doing with the ZEROtoLAMBO project. 

My story has already inspired thousands of people and now I want to get you pumped about building the life of your dreams while you're still looking forward rather than waiting until it's too late looking back.

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"Alongside this project, I am a full time single Dad to my two young daughters. I have a 3 year old and a 5 year old who are completely dependant on me. I have fully embraced being a full time Dad and love the challenge. But because of my situation I don't have a huge amount of time to work. I sadly had to close the business I was running before due to my new commitments to my children.

I started to create multiple income streams online. Then I came up with the ZEROtoLAMBO concept to help others do the same. I am able to run this project entirely around my commitments to my children whilst helping others to better their lives. I'm blessed to be able to leverage my experiences for your gain to help you achieve success in your own life. Put it this way, if I can do this, while looking after two young girls, you most certainly can.

Let's smash this. Who wants a Lamborghini, a Ferrari, a new house?! This is all for the taking.

To get started simply subscribe by entering your email on this site, download my book and follow the journey".


"What's the point in having wealth if you don't have your health to enjoy it. I have been documenting my journey from fatty to being in the best shape of my life.

After my car accident I put on a lot of weight. I couldn't shift it and tried every diet I could think of and nothing stuck. Nothing was sustainable. But then I found the way and it worked.

I have now made exercise a habit and I am pushing myself every day to become the best I can be to inspire others to do the same. Having lost over 25kg (3.5 stone) I have completely changed my life. I feel AMAZING and it's my goal now to help as many people as I can to achieve results with their weight loss and their health.

By entering your email and subscribing to ZEROtoLAMBO you will discover how, if you take action, you can achieve serious results with your fitness. I regularly share videos and content about health and fitness focussing on how I train and eat to get results and keep the weight off.

Life is for living and in order to live to our full potential we need to be sure that we are in the best physical and mental condition we can be in. This starts now - no excuses!"

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"Having grown up around motorsport, I love everything to do with cars, especially Lamborghinis. I have owned many nice cars thanks to my previous businesses from an Audi RS4 to an AMG Mercedes but next I want to own a Lamborghini.

However, this is more than just a quest for me to own a Lamborghini. The Lamborghini is simply a 'product of success', a benchmark that shows a level of achievement that most cannot afford. It really highlights that anyone can achieve success if they put their mind to it and start educating themselves.

The idea is that YOU can replace the 'Lamborghini' in this project with whatever it is that you want to purchase and work towards it by leveraging what I share with you via this platform.

This whole project is about YOU, but I had to have something tangible to demonstrate what's possible when you focus your mind and work every day towards your end goal.

So think about what you want to achieve and let's smash it together. Subscribe by entering your email address below or clicking here"


I am going to offer a limited number of one-on-one coaching/mentoring spots. This means you can work directly with me to get your multiple income streams set up. I have vast experience in this industry and by working directly with me we can fast track your success. Please email me if you would like to find out more: ben @ ZeroToLambo.com

Enter Your Email To Discover How You Can Achieve Success In Your Life 100% FREE:

privacy I will only send you relevant content.

Discover what I am doing to make money and how you can build your own income streams: